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Contribute to the Ecosystem

Be part of building and contributing to Womvest's growing community of ambitious women in the investment ecosystem inclusive of professionals, entrepreneurs and investors. 

Women and men who are senior in their careers and align with Womvest's vision, that would like to use their successes to positively influence others. 

They do this by: 

  • Contributing knowledge, insights, resources and time to the Womvest community in as little or as much as they would like

  • Publicly affiliating with Womvest

  • Utilises Womvest's resources and networks to explore initiatives aligned with their purpose 

Women who are currently establishing their presence and building their brand in the investment ecosystem. 

They do this by:

  • Contributing specific skills and time to the Womvest community

  • Co-developing initiatives with Womvest that are aligned to their purpose 

  • Engaging with Womvest Ambassadors, Collaborators, other Activators and the core team



Shadow on Concrete Wall


Both Womvest Ambassadors and Activators contribute of their time and resources as little or as much as they wish.

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Director, Mergers & Acquisitions, Investment Banking,

Absa Group 

Meshkaya Pillay, Womvest Ambassador

Meshkaya has climbed the investment banking ladder quickly throughout her 10+ years in banking.

"I learnt the importance of women supporting one another at an early stage of my career. Building a network of driven & supportive women has the power to elevate one’s professional capabilities, confidence, resources and self-awareness. I am extremely grateful for those who have mentored me and added value to my journey, and I will do my very best to pay it forward.” 


Educational Training & Development Professional 

Nakisani Jesca Liphadzi, Womvest Activator

Nakisani is a training and development professional with 8 years’ experience in the education, event planning and project administration profession. She holds an Honours in Public Administration, an undergraduate degree in International Relations and is pursuing a Masters in Philosophy in Inclusive Innovation. She is a qualified Outcomes-Based Assessor and is awakened by the purpose to see empowerment and development in communities. Nakisani is also a proud Pekingese dog mom and foodie.

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